Special Combat Academy
Africa Division


Regional HeadQuarters
Travessa Lopes de Lima 104 A / Res do Chão, Luanda - Angola.

Our courses are open to civilians, armed forces and private security operators.

Jorge Antonio Acevedo Bernal, "Primvs Magister" Regional Director Africa: +244 948 491 351.


Regular courses are available for all levels and for instructors reserved for teachers and athletes with experience in the field of martial arts and combat sports who wish to join our international group of experts in the field of civilian and military training.


Jorge Antonio Acevedo Bernal, "Primvs Magister" Regional Director Africa
  • National Director "Magister" Special Combat Academy Angola, 48th "Leões" - Luanda.
  • 4th Dan Taekwondo WTF / ITF.
  • 5th Dan Jyoshin Mon Shorin Ryu Karate Do.
  • 6th Dan Sodai Sai Do Ha Goshin Jitsu.
  • 6th Dan Goshin Jitsu Sai-Do Ha.
  • 7th Dan Tai Yoza Ryu Judo - Jutsu.
  • 9th Dan Shirenkan Goju Ryu Karate y Kobudo.
  • Daishintora, method of combat applied to police and armed forces.
  • Krav Maga / Kapap instructor.
  • 8th level expert in military techniques, use of knife, bayonet and machete, armed combat.
  • Founder of Senshi No Michi, Urban Personal Defense.