Special Combat Academy

General Galo Lavalle 1647, San Miguel de Tucumán

Ramon Jorge Chavez Diaz, Director Nacional "Magister" República Argentina: +54 9 387 412-2404.


Ramon Jorge Chavez Diaz, National Director "Magister" Argentine
  • Complete Secondary with Orientation in Pedagogical.
  • Security and Hygiene Technician, 21st Century University.
  • Technician in Physical Preparation, University of Sports Science, National University of Cuba.
  • Instructor in police procedures, Resolution No. 2018 Secretary of Security of the Province of Salta.
  • Instructor in Sports Bodybuilding and Personal Training, Ministry of education, science, culture and technology, resolution Universidad Nacional de Tucumán No. 0521418.
  • WTF Taekwondo Instructor, 1st Dan.
  • Instructor 2nd Dan Traditional Jiujitsu.
  • Instructor of Mixed Martial Arts, WUSJJ.
  • Twenty three (23) years in the position of Instructor in Taekwondo.
  • Twenty (20) years exercising the position of Instructor in Jiujitsu.
  • Instructor of Procedures and Reduction in Private Security in the Institute of Training and Improvement of Private Security.
  • Supervisor SECORP S.R.L Private Security Company.
  • Instructor of Military Reduction and Immobilization in the National Army of Peru, Nazca Province.
  • Federal Practical Shooting Instructor, Republic of Peru.
  • Instruction on Procedure and Reduction, School of NCOs of the Prison Service of the Province of Salta.
  • Teaching Assistant in Personal Defense, Chair in charge of David Suarez, at GOPAR.
  • Director of the sports commission of ademusa.
  • Technical director of the jiujitsu team of the noa.
  • General coordinator of mma de acufi.
  • Member of the national team.
  • National jiujitso champion 2014.
  • Para-American Sumition Campion wusjj 2015.
  • World champion jiujitso wusjj 2016.
  • Para-American Champion House of Combat 2018.
  • World jiujitso champion 2018.