Special Combat Academy


General Galo Lavalle 1647, San Miguel de Tucumán

Our courses are open to civilians and private security operators. 

Ramon Jorge Chavez Diaz, Director Nacional "Magister" República Argentina: +54 9 387 412-2404.


The courses are available for Instructors and students who wish to join our International Group of Experts in the field of Civil and Military Training.


Ramon Jorge Chavez Diaz, National Director "Magister" Argentine Republic:
  • Complete Secondary with Orientation in Pedagogical.
  • Security and Hygiene Technician, 21st Century University.
  • Technician in Physical Preparation, University of Sports Science, National University of Cuba.
  • Instructor in police procedures, Resolution No. 2018 Secretary of Security of the Province of Salta.
  • Instructor in Sports Bodybuilding and Personal Training, Ministry of education, science, culture and technology, resolution Universidad Nacional de Tucumán No. 0521418.
  • WTF Taekwondo Instructor, 1st Dan.
  • Instructor 2nd Dan Traditional Jiujitsu.
  • Instructor of Mixed Martial Arts, WUSJJ.
  • Twenty three (23) years in the position of Instructor in Taekwondo.
  • Twenty (20) years exercising the position of Instructor in Jiujitsu.
  • Instructor of Procedures and Reduction in Private Security in the Institute of Training and Improvement of Private Security.
  • Supervisor SECORP S.R.L Private Security Company.
  • Instructor of Military Reduction and Immobilization in the National Army of Peru, Nazca Province.
  • Federal Practical Shooting Instructor, Republic of Peru.
  • Instruction on Procedure and Reduction, School of NCOs of the Prison Service of the Province of Salta.
  • Teaching Assistant in Personal Defense, Chair in charge of David Suarez, at GOPAR.
  • Director of the sports commission of ademusa.
  • Technical director of the jiujitsu team of the noa.
  • General coordinator of mma de acufi.
  • Member of the national team.
  • National jiujitso champion 2014.
  • Para-American Sumition Campion wusjj 2015.
  • World champion jiujitso wusjj 2016.
  • Para-American Champion House of Combat 2018.
  • World jiujitso champion 2018.