Special Combat Academy

Headquarters: Dojo Alberto Salas Cham Reparto Reynold Garcia, Matanzas.

Juan Antonio Soca Fernández, Direttore Nazionale República de Cuba: +53 5 6664434.

Primvs Las Tunas, Orlando Nápolez Pérez: +5352462645.

Primvs Villa Clara, Miguel Quintero Borgues: +5353936730.


Juan Antonio Soca Fernández, National Director "Magister" Cuba
  • 1973, Camilo Cienfuegos Military School in the province of Matanzas where he begins the practice of the fighting arts of the Greco-Roman wrestling specialty.
  • He continued his practice in 1975 and in 1976 he was selected to study at the Interarmas school of the Far Antonio Maceo Antonio Maceo Order in the specialty of transport where he began in Martial Arts in particular in the Karate-Do style Iyoshinmon Shori Ryu with the master Orlando Gonzales Reyes, founder of karate and known in Cuba as the Indian.
  • At the end of the school he qualifies as an officer and is placed in the General Staff of the Army of Cuba.
  • He continues the practice of everything he has learned in Havana and in 1983 he begins to officially practice in the Dinamo Capitán San Luis Society of the Ministry of the Interior, he crosses the different levels until he reaches a 4th Dan in 1999, Degree which is was awarded by Maestro Raúl Rizo.
  • Subsequently he begins the practice of Shotokan for 2 years, he goes to the school of the teacher Salvador in Havana to validate the degree of Black Belt 4th Dan, reaching the 5th Dan in 2006.
  • He continues the practice at the same time as his military career, obtaining the 6th Dan in 2012 and the 7th in 2019.
  • He starts Ju-Jutsu in 1997, reaching 4th Dan in 2007, 5th Dan in 2013 and 6th in 2016.
  • He starts Kali Filipino in 2004 reaching the 1st level Master in 2013.
  • Retired from the military after 25 years of service with the rank of captain and exemplary service medal.
  • He spent 10 years as president of the Ju-Jutsu of the province of Matanzas with excellent results, obtaining the 1st national place at the return of the master Espinosa from Brazil.