Special Combat Academy Cuba


Headquarters: Dojo Alberto Salas Cham Reparto Reynold Garcia, Matanzas.

Our courses are open to civilians, police and armed forces, private security operators.

Juan Antonio Soca Fernández, National Director "Magister" Republic of Cuba: +53 5 6664434 - info@specialcombat.it

Instructor courses are available for Instructors who wish to join our International Group of Experts in the field of Civil and Military Training.


Juan Antonio Soca Fernández, National Director "Magister" Republic of Cuba
  • Born on February 13, 1959 in Matanzas passed primary education at the Eliceo Noel Camano school. 
  • 1973 I entered the Camilo Cienfuegos Military School in the Matanzas province where I began the practice of Combat Arts in the specialty of Greco-Roman wrestling. 
  • I continued the practice in the year 1975 and in the year 1976 I was selected to study at the Interarmas school of the Far Antonio Maceo Antonio Maceo Order in the specialty of transport where I began to venture into the Martial Arts specifically in Iyoshinmon Shori Ryu style Karate-Do with the teacher Orlando Gonzales Reyes, founder of karate and in Cuba known by the Indian. 
  • Upon finishing school I graduated as a Far officer in 1979 and I was placed in the Army General Staff 
  • I continued the practice of everything I learned in Havana and In 1983 I began to practice officiating in the Dynamo Captain San Luis Society of the Ministry of the Interior, I went through the different levels until I reached one 4 - Dan on 3-12-1999, Degree that was awarded to me by the Master Raúl Rizo. 
  • Subsequently, by the province's strategy, I began the practice of the Shoto-Kan Style for 2 years, traveling to Havana to the school of the master Salvador to validate the degree of 4-Dan Black Belt in this style, reaching the level mentioned above on 8-12- 2001 and the 5-Dan I did it with 06-06-2006. 
  • Continue the practice simultaneously with my Military career. I got 6-Dan on 02-25-2012 and 7 on 1-12-2019. 
  • In that journey I entered other Martial Arts I started Ju-Jutsu in 1997 Transiting as well through the different levels until I reached 4-Dan and 18-07-2007 on 5-Dan on 07-26-2013 and 6-Dan on 08-11-2016. 
  • I started Philippine Cali Fencing in 2004 Reaching the Level 1 Master Degree on 10-12-2013. 
  • Take all these Martial Arts along with my Military career. 
  • Retiring from the Armed Forces after 25 years of service with the Captain's Degree and the Exemplary Service Medal. 
  • I start as a civil worker of the Far Chief of the Aria de Bombeo in which I remain at the moment. 
  • I spent 10 years President of the Ju-Jutsu of the province of Matanzas with very good results achieved the same 1st National Place on the return of the master Espinosa from Brazil. 
  • I hand over the Presidency of Ju-Jutsu to him and hold the position of Vice-President, and I also integrate the tribunal of Grado in the style of Karate-Do as well as in that of Ju-Jutsu. 
  • 2020, Nominated as National Director of the Special Combat Academy Cuba.