The Special Combat Academy Instructors Group is a consolidated reality and only members that reflect moral, technical and physical qualities can continue on our way.

"Evolution is a process that will never end"


  • At least 25 years old.
  • At least 5 years of experience in combat sports or martial arts.
  • For civilians, the Certificate of the handling of firearms, firearms disarmament techniques cannot be taught without
  • having a basic preparation on how a firearm works.
  • Pass the "Stress Test": at the end of the course, the aspiring instructor will
  • undergo several exercises under high stress.


The instructor course includes 60 hours divided into the following subjects:

  • Strangulations and blockages.

  • Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA.

  • Threat with knife: neck, chest, back, sentry, hips, transport, disarmament

    in the third person.

  • Threat of firearms: face, chest, back, sentry, hips, transport, disarmament

    in the third person.

  • Baton Attack defense.

  • Knife attack defense: all angles, stop and hit, block.

  • Improvised weapons.

  • Ground Fighting techniques.

Included in the course

  • Video of the techniques.
  • Written program of techniques to teach from the white belt to the brown
  • belt.
  • Instructor Qualification Diploma.

At the end of the course, the Instructors will be certified by Silvio Izzo, who will come from Rome to meet the new members of the Instructor Group.

After having acquired the qualification of First Dan, the Instructor continues with the "Training and Maintenance" program with seminars held in the months of March and November.