Special Combat Academy

International HeadQuarter:  Rome

Our courses are open to Civilians, Law Enforcement and Armed Forces Operators, Private Security operators.

Alessandro Simeone, National Director "Magister" Italy
  • Full Contact, Instructor
  • MMA, Instructor
  • Founder of Team Shadow Warriors Academy
  • Grappling
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Freestyle wrestling
  • Greco-Roman wrestling
  • Ninjutsu
  • Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Special Combat Academy, Maestro
  • National Coach under 18 World Youth Immaf 2019
  • 50 titles won in different categories and disciplines of the Italian Grappling Federation / Bjj MMA - FIGMMA.
  • 2015 Italian Cup second place team.
  • Winner team of the 1st Open MMA FIGMMA in Naples.
  • Ilaria Norcia coach, 14 times Italian MMA champion including 9 in the "A" class, 2 Bronze medals and 1 Silver medal at the IMMAF European Championships, IMMAF World Bronze Medal.


Instructor courses are available for teachers and athletes with experience in the field of martial arts and combat sports who wish to join our international group of experts in the field of civil and military training.



Self Defense Asti 
  • "Skull Boxe Club" Via del Lavoro 130, Martedì e Giovedì 20.30/22.30. Davide Novara: 3403897978.

Self Defense Turin
  • "Engym Sport" Via Villar 25, Martedì Giovedì 20.00 - 21.15, Gianluca Molino: 3383052637

Self Defense Rome
  • Eur: "FitFriends" Via Mario Bianchini, Martedì e Giovedì 20.40/22.00. Patrizio Pontecorvi: 3485746097.

Self Defense Viterbo 
  • "Centro Universitario Sportivo" Via S.Camillo de Lellis, Martedì e Giovedì 19.00/20.30. Alessio Capotosti: 3409945586.

Self Defense Pescara 

  • "Palestra Living", Via Alfonso di Vestea 71. Marco Saccoccia: 3385737936.

Self Defense Cassino 

  • Centro Sportivo “GS Training” in Via Torricella 1, Lunedì Mercoledì Venerdì 13.30 e 16.00. Alessandro Simeone: 3804794915.

Self Defense Alessano 
  • "New Sport Passion" Via 4 Novembre 2, Martedì 18.00/19.30 e Giovedì 19.00/20.30. Claudio Curcio: 3495692001.

Self Defense Cosenza 

  • "Combat Club" C/da Marino 5 Luzzi, Mercoledì 19.00/20.30. Denis Gioia: 3460122972.

Self Defense Vizzini 

  • "Centro Polifunzionale" C.da Albanicchi, Lunedì Mercoledì Venerdì 19:30/21:00. Massimo Piedigace: 3663953701. Giacomo Palmieri: 3249540548.

Self Defense Borore, Nuoro 

  • "Palestra Comunale" Borore, Martedì Giovedì 20.00/22.00. Salvatorangelo Pintore: 3456071241.