Special Combat Academy

Plaza del Canódromo, Carrer de Can Ros, 17 - Barcelona.

Aurelio Ramos Fernández, National Director "Magister" Spain: +34 672 85 05 27.

Jorge Luis Rosales Delgado, National Director "Magister" Spain: +34 692 50 31 79. 


Aurelio Ramos Fernández, National Director "Magister" Spain

  • Member of the armed forces for 3 years and 6 months in CUBA.
  • Member of the special detachment of the armed forces in support of the border guard troops of Isabela de Sagua in CUBA.
  • Member of the detachment of practitioners of martial arts in support of the national police and the special police brigade at multiple holy high politicians and public holidays in the province of Matanzas.
  • Member of the special association detachment for the study of martial arts CUBA-MATANZAS.
  • Security of political activities in CUBA.
  • Doorman and security in discotheques for 14 years in VARADERO-MATANZAS.
  • Doorman and security in different Pubs for 14 years in SPAIN.
  • Member of the provisional judo team of the 1st category for 9 years, participating in multiple provincial, national and international competitions in CUBA.
  • Member of the extended pre-selection of the national civil judo team that is part of CUBA.
  • Member of the national military judo team in CUBA.
  • Member of the Cuban national samba fighting team.
  • Graduated in physical culture in 1988 from the University of Matanzas, professor of judo.
  • Judo teacher of the sports complex of the Jovellanos municipality of MATANZAS.
  • Judo teacher of the youth province of MATANZAS.
  • Teacher of the school School of the high performance provincial that of MATANZAS.
  • Judo teacher of the youth team at the Eide provincial de MATANZAS.
  • Head of judo chair of the high performance school.
  • Provisional president of rule and arbitration of judo of MATANZAS.
  • Regional referee U.P.J. The Pan American Judo Union.
  • Competitive technical-tactical training of judo to the provincial team of the Special Police Brigade of special competitive training with a view to its national competitions of the Ministry of the Interior and the Cuban armed forces.
  • Judo Black Belt V Dan.
  • Traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. 1st Dan Black Belt.
  • Wrestling.
  • Greco-Roman wrestling.
  • Boxing.
  • Karate.

Jorge Luis Rosales Delgado, National Director "Magister" Spain
  • Cuban Army Captain for 20 years.
  • 12 years in Special Operations.
  • Master in Sports Coaching (License ESP- 012744-EED-19) (2019)
  • Bodybuilding and Fitness Monitor (License ESP- 012744-EED-19) (2019)
  • Surveillance, Private Security and VIP Protection Course. ASPROCRIME. Madrid. (2018)
  • Comprehensive Massage Course. Provincial Sports Center. (2017)
  • Graduated from the National School of Personal Defense of the Ministry of the Interior. (1994/1995)
  • National Police Academy. Special Brigade. Special Missions. (1993/1994)
  • Karate Rules and Arbitration Course (National) (1992) Positions held
  • Head of Chair. National Police School. (1995/1997) Massacres. Cuba.
  • National Police of the Special Brigade. (1992/1997). Cuba
  • Self Defense Instructor. (1996/2018)
  • Karate Teacher - Judo. (1990/2016) Masseuse. (2017)
  • Coach of the Provincial Personal Defense Team of the Ministry of the Interior. (1995/1996) (2 times National Champion)
  • National Karate Referee. (1992)
  • Head of Security for Night Activities
  • Karate. Black Belt 3rd DAN Joshimon- Shorin-Ryu. (2017)
  • Karate. Black Belt 1st DAN Shoto-Kan (Federated in Spain). (2019)
  • Judo. Brown belt.
  • Kobudo 2nd Level in Tonfa and Yawuara.
  • Self Defense.
  • Cuban Federation of Martial Arts. FECAM
  • Spanish Karate Federation. RFEK
  • Andalusian Karate Federation.