Online Training Program

The Online Training Program was designed to allow those who cannot follow in-person our classes to train independently.

The lessons are held by Dominvs Silvio Izzo, Founder and President of the Special Combat Academy, 35 years of experience in the world of martial arts and combat sports, the only Italian in the Instructor Group of the U.S.Air Force Team SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape) created for Special Forces and fighter pilots deployed on high-risk missions, 20 years of operational life as a "Consultant" for Close Protection, Security etc. activities for VIPs and government dignitaries from the USA, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Arab Countries, Asia, Russia.

Online Training Program

Hand to Hand Combat - M.M.A., Ninjutsu, Ju Jitsu, defense against chokes and locks.

Knife training.

Defense against knife attacks.

Defense against threat with knife.

Defense against threat with pistol and carabine.

Knife fighting.

Stick vs knife.

Stick vs stick.

Defense against stick attacks.

VIP protection against armed threat.

Fighting with a pistol.

Ground blocking techniques.

Close Protection Officer Manual.

3 GUN Training - Pistol / Shotgun / Tactical Carbine.

For each technique a detailed description of each movement is provided, the manual is available in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

Cost: 20 euros / module. Each module has at least 3 techniques for a total of 15 modules for the H2H combat, 10 modules for the 3 GUN part.


For info about the program and how to become an Instructor or National Director, write an email to describing your background in martial arts / armed forces / police forces / security.